Shu Uemura Color Atelier

shu uemura color atelier Shu Uemura Color Atelier

It is easy to imagine somebody going crazy over Shu Uemura Color Atelier. This Japanese brand is a favorite among makeup artists and makeup lovers alike because they have so many different colors in their collection. And now, the people behind Shu Uemura is adding more to that lineup. With the slogan, ‘one color, infinite possibilities,’ these makeup experts are really taking that idea seriously.

The primary difference between Shu Uemura and other makeup companies is that Shu Uemura allows you to customize your color palette so every shade from your makeup kit would be utilized to your likeness.

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Swedish Hasbeens Autumn 2011 Ad Campaign

swedish hasbeens autumn 2011 ad campaign Swedish Hasbeens Autumn 2011 Ad Campaign

European company Swedish Hasbeens has been gaining so much popularity these days. The company has been collaborating with many high-couture designers but be reminded of this company’s individual identity, apart from their usual collborations. This Swedish Hasbeens Autumn 2011 Ad Campaign is a good reminder that Swedish Hasbeens is a good contender in this market.

Now for this campaign, the company is highlighting what they have always been famous for: their shoes. The campaign features a post-apocalyptic world only the luxurious and sturdiest shoes has survived. It’s not going to be difficult to imagine Swedish Hasbeens shoes to survive the most difficult of times.

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Torn Khloe Tunic Tee

torn khloe tunic tee Torn Khloe Tunic Tee

Stand out with this Torn Khloe Tunic Tee. It’s bound to be a perfect summer piece with its loose and bold sense of style. Of course, not everyone can pull off something as daring as this fashion forward piece. But if you consider yourself as one of those daring few, then hurry up and get this piece from Prettypennies.

This shirt dress is about $175 made by Torn clothing company, an emerging clothes brand that features designs of the offbeat quality like this one.

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Christie Brown Gold Pencil Skirt

christie brown gold pencil skirt Christie Brown Gold Pencil Skirt

Take a break from all the shoes and bags you have been reading about and focus your energy on the necessity of clothes. Start with the Christie Brown Gold Pencil Skirt. Ghana-based designer Christie Brown made this skirt from raw silk.

Wear this skirt with a plain top and you are bound to make a fashion statement easily. So far, Myasho, the online store is the only one carrying this glamorous gold pencil skirt.

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Victoria Spruce Spring / Summer 2012 Footwear

victoria spruce spring summer 2012 footwear Victoria Spruce Spring / Summer 2012 Footwear

There are so many Victorias in the fashion industry. There’s Victoria Beckham and Victoria’s Secret but Victoria Spruce is one Victoria you have to know.

To get to know this Victoria better, start with the Victoria Spruce Spring / Summer 2012 Footwear. The images for the footwear line should come with a warning to all the girls who love shoes and to anyone who loves a good fashion find, these images for the shoe collection are all gasp-inducing.

The shoes are all structured like pieces of art that so it’s hard to even pick a favorite among these pairs.

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Miu Miu Resort 2012

miu miu resort 2012 Miu Miu Resort 2012

Miuccia Prada is taking a good initiative in this Miu Miu Resort 2012. This collection is a lesson in simplicity. It is taking the clothes and letting them speak for themselves, their quality and their glamour.

Pay attention to the lighthearted approach that Miu Miu is taking with this collection. Resort is always a collection that’s “in the middle” when it comes to its statements but this simple and yet polished collection tells enough fashion and glamour without having to resort to some gimmickry.

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Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Print Ad

alexander wang fall 2011 print ad Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Print Ad

The preview image featured above is a sneak peek with what’s in store with Alexander Wang for the Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Print Ad. Photographer Fabien Baron is taking a different approach with this campaign.

Shot in a dingy-looking, abandoned Brooklyn grain factory, it seems like Alexander Wang is pointing out that you can look classy in even the dirtiest locations with any Alexander Wang piece. Model Raquel Zimmerman models for the said print ad.

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Gucci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

gucci fall 2011 ad campaign Gucci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

The photography Merte & Marcus did a swell job to present this Gucci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign. While most ad campaigns feature couture dresses more, this Gucci Fall 2011 campaign puts its bag collection in the spotlight with these images.

Perhaps Gucci understands that a good part of their success lies in the good design and branding of their handbags. Though this does not mean that Gucci forgot to features its other strong products like their shoes. However, you can really tell that Gucci is highlighting its accessories line this campaign.

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Miu Miu Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

miu miu fall 2011 ad campaign 7 Miu Miu Fall 2011 Ad Campaign

Miu Miu targets the youth more than any other market. It’s like the preparation of a fashionista before they head on dive on to bigger and more high-end things like Prada. So Miu Miu got the perfect model for their Miu Miu Fall 2011 Ad Campaign, to represent the youth and that they want to exude. The model is none other than True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld.

Hailee is said to be excited to represent Miu Miu as she is a fan of the brand. Miu Miu, for those who are out of the loop in fashion, is Miuccia Prada’s brand for the younger Prada fans.

Do you think Hailee Steinfeld deserves to be the cover model for Miu Miu? Decide after checking out the other pictures included in this ad campaign.

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Prada Saffiano Righe Satchel

prada saffiano righe satchel Prada Saffiano Righe Satchel

This Prada Saffiano Righe Satchel is another one about one of Prada’s beautiful satchels for the upcoming Prada Fall 2011 collection. This crossbody bag is just the right size for that day bag that can easily be converted to a dinner bag, without having too worry much about its portability.

The problem with many designer bags is that they are hard to lug around after a certain time because they become too heavy with the stuff inside. Fear not because this satchel makes it easier with its designs.

The neutral color works too because it then does not attract too much attention; it does not wear out in other people’s eyes. Even if you take this bag today and use it for about a week, it’s still not something that others would comment and ask you to change. It’s a glamorous bag that’s bound to be a quintessential arm candy.

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