Thom Browne iPad Case

thom browne ipad case 4 Thom Browne iPad Case

The Thom Browne iPad Case would like to sit you down and talk to you about luxury. The case is much more expensive than an iPad but what’s spending a bit more just for that beloved gadget? Who scrimps on important things? Certainly not somebody who really appreciates fashion.

It’s priced at a hefty $1,100 but this iPad Case has all the makings of what must be considered a perfect iPad Case: with its Signature Tricolore band, its breadth is wide enough to store some other important documents so the price tag is pretty practical for this bag’s luxury and function.

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Milly Paige Mini Shoulder Bag

milly paige mini shoulder bag Milly Paige Mini Shoulder Bag

If you are looking for a bag but are not willing to spend anything more than $300, then Milly Paige Mini Shoulder Bag just might be the perfect bag that you are looking for. True, it’s not as high-fashion as other designer brands but priced at $265, it is admittedly more interesting than other designs on the market today.

At $265, this bag is a steal with a crimson suede with aubergine leather trim design, red suede lining and gold hardware. It features most of the important fall trends without breaking the bank. Who says glamour has to be too expensive?

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Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Campaign

giorgio armani fall 2011 campaign Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Campaign

These images for the Giorgio Armani Fall 2011 Campaign have been released and it looks like Giorgio Armani is appealing to a more international market by getting Taiwanese superstar Shu Qi.

Shu Qi is the model for the Armani Fall line and this campaign is shot on location in New York. Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti headed this shoot. The highlights for this collection are the fashion apparels like winter coats, boots and other seasonal accessories for Giorgio Armani.

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Chanel Denim-Inspired Nail Polish Collection

chanel denim inspired nail polish collection Chanel Denim Inspired Nail Polish Collection

Chanel creates three colors for a collection for Fashion Night Out. The collection is the Chanel Denim-Inspired Nail Polish Collection.

There is only one catch to this collection: it is only available at the Chanel Makeup Studio in Myer Sydney. It’s an exclusive only to that store. It’s quite obvious that the color for this nail polish line is inspired by none other than blue jeans. The shades are all blue and quite royal looking.

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Wilfredo Rosado Jewellery

wilfredo rosado jewellery Wilfredo Rosado Jewellery

A new jewelry label that should be given so much limelight these days: the Wilfredo Rosado Jewellery. This collection is not your usual collection of rings and bracelets and necklaces, at least not by how the jewelries are designed.

Though the problem with something like this is the moment you have to make a decision as to what to purchase from the lineup. Check out under the cut what it means to be confused as to what to purchase.

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Russian Matryoshka Judith Leiber Bag

russian matryoshka judith leiber bag Russian Matryoshka Judith Leiber Bag

It seems like Judith Leiber would not run out of ideas for bag designs anytime soon. You have seen pandas, bugs, birds, even starfishes but this Russian Matryoshka Judith Leiber Bag takes the cake for now.

This piece costs $4,995– a justifiable price for something that must have been painstakingly laborious to do. The only down side that you can expect from something like this is that a clutch like this would take away the attention from your clothes. But attention is always good, no matter where you get it.

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Hiver en Russie Guerlain Candles

hiver en russie guerlain candles Hiver en Russie Guerlain Candles

Take couture seriously to the very last detail with these Hiver en Russie Guerlain Candles. These are additions to the Guerlain candles collection. These candles supposedly smell so good that it would feel like spraying perfume all over the house.

The black one has notes of samovar tea, myrrh, incense and hot wax while the gold one smells like rice powder, silk and flowers. No price yet on how much these candles will run. Sure enough, because these are as real as couture can get, these would probably cost more than how much you pay for regular candles.

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Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

givenchy panther sunglasses Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

Riccardo Tisci has designed something marvelous for Givenchy: These Givenchy Panther Sunglasses. It may not be something that you would necessarily wear on a fashionable walk in town, it will be something to wear if you are bent on getting so much attention.

The panther detail replaces the Givenchy logo but in this case, you don’t need a name to tell you that this one is done for Givenchy. There is nothing more unique than a carved animal on the side of your accessory. They only cost about $650 so owning a pair or two would be manageable for any serious fashionista.

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Natalie Portman Diorskin Forever Foundation Ad Campaign

natalie portman diorskin forever foundation ad campaign Natalie Portman Diorskin Forever Foundation Ad Campaign

Natalie Portman hardly looks like a day over twenty. If not for her long stay in showbiz who can guess that this gorgeous mother is already 30 years old? Perhaps it also helps that Natalie Portman appears in Diorskin Forever Foundation Ad Campaign.

Natalie Portman is the current spokesperson for everything Dior. As the creative directors behind the campaign were asked why Portman was chosen for this particular product: “It’s because she’s perfect!” they say. Maybe it is true, just look at her stunning photograph for the said ad campaign.

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Fendi Chameleon T-Strap Platforms

fendi chameleon t strap platforms Fendi Chameleon T Strap Platforms

It looks like Fall 2011 is going to be a season dedicated to shoes–not just shoes but wonderful shoes that all compete with one another in a lovely way. Like this pair of Fendi Chameleon T-Strap Platforms From the first look at the pair, Fendi assures that it will not be a forgotten name this season.

It looks like so many essential pieces are coming out this upcoming season that it would be a fair warning to banks that credit cards will be maxxed out. No worries as these things are absolute musts.

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