Vogue Bans Underage and Unhealthy Models

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To show its commitment in promoting health and beauty, Vogue editors made a historic decision to use only healthy fashion models on their magazines.

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Headed by US editor Anna Wintour and Paris Vogue editor Emmanuel Alt, the magazine restricted the minimum age of the models appearing on their fashion spreads to 16 and requested modeling agencies to stop sending them super skinny talents. The fashion industry had been constantly criticized for allowing young girls to participate in adult-themed photo shoots and glorifying size zero models by making them the gold standard for beauty.

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Many critics attribute this practice as a source of eating disorders and insecurity problems among the readers, especially women. Though not all designers are in agreement on what constitutes a healthy body image, the magazine’s move will hopefully spark a change in the fashion industry. All 19 editions of Vogue will enumerate their pact on their upcoming July issue.

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