Sugarpill Introduces Heartbreaker Palette

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Last week, Sugarpill launched the Heartbreaker Palette as part of its Heart cosmetic series.

Sugarpill cosmetics Sugarpill Introduces Heartbreaker Palette

Its current Heartbreaker Palette introduces four additional vibrant matte colors with slight pearl sheen- purple 2am, green AcidBerry, mint seafoam Mochi and royal blue Velocity. The palette retails for $ 34 and is available at her online store.
sugarpill heartbreakerpalette002 Sugarpill Introduces Heartbreaker Palette
Amy Doan has been making colorful clothing since 2002 under her Shrinkle indie fashion label. Her outrageous style inspired by vintage costumes, Japanese fashion and beauty pageants, garnered a following who mainly purchase her merchandise at her online store. Doan noticed the need for makeup that would compliment her flamboyant style and that motivated her to launch her luxury Sugarpill Cosmetic Line in 2010. Sugarpill’s eyeshadows have loud, velvity and highly pigmented colors, just perfect with Doan’s theatrical clothing.
sugarpill Sugarpill Introduces Heartbreaker Palette

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