Roman Polanski Directs Fashion Film for Prada

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Renowed director Roman Polanksi treated Cannes Film Festival audience with his Prada ad entitled, “A Therapy.”

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The three-minute advertisement starring Helena Bonham and Ben Kingsley tells a story of a fashionably dressed patient seeking advice from her psychologist regarding a recent dream.

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Kingsley, who played the doctor, was obviously distracted by his patient’s Prada fur coat hanging near the door that he absent-mindedly left his rambling patient at the couch. Like a moth attracted to a flame, Kingsley tried on the coat and admired what he saw in the mirror. The movie ends with a cheeky caption that reads, “Prada Suits Everyone.”

Polanski, who also wrote the script, explained that the movie was about freedom of self-expression and breaking the stereotypes in the fashion world. Though we see both actors glamorously styled, branding was not the main priority for Prada as they want to make the ad look like a film instead of a commercial.

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