Oscar dela Renta Resort 2013 Collection

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Oscar dela Renta recently showed his Resort 2013 collection in his new showroom which is located near Bryant Park. The show was seen as interesting but the venue for the location was not that pleasant since it was very hot and muggy.

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Despite that disadvantage, the show moved on and his resort collection was like a breath of fresh air in that room. Color was certainly a theme for this collection as colors were evident in the clothes as well as the hair that the models wore. These colors include neon blue, yellow, and green. As for the design of the clothes, some of the trends for Fall 2012 are still evident in the collection like peplums and pailettes.

a 560x375 1 Oscar dela Renta Resort 2013 Collection

Jewelry also plays a large role in the collection as it matches the eccentric hair that the models are wearing. The jewelry showcased enamel necklaces as well as brightly colored mosaics. Lindsey Wixon was the one who opened and closed the fashion show for Oscar dela Renta.

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