Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection

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Gucci’s Horsebit Jewelry Collection is probably the best representative of the label’s iconic symbol. Made from crafted sterling silver and plated with gold, the accessories in the collection all feature the horse bit and stirrup typically seen in almost all Gucci merchandise.

gucci10 e1336141187175 1024x771 Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection Gucci Horsebit Earring, $ 4,390.

The fashion label first used the hardware in the 1950’s as a luxurious snaffle décor for its leather and moccasin and leather shoes for men. The horse bit design has come a long way since then, with Gucci adapting the patented interlocking design and embossing it in the almost all of their products- from bags, purses and fabrics. Below are sample jewelry in the collection:

GUCCI3 e1336140179879 Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection Horsebit Cocktail Ring, $ 7,350.

gucci8 e1336140923716 Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection

Gucci Horsebit Earring, $ 2,295.

gucci9 Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection

Horsebit bracelet, $ 5,790

GUCCI4 e1336140384578 Gucci Horsebit Jewelry Collection

 Horsebit Cocktail Ring, $ 3,795.

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