Fendi Reissues Six Classic Styles of its “Baguette” Bag

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The “Baguette” bag from Fendi returns after celebrating its 15th year celebration. In accordance to this celebration, Fendi will be reissuing six old styles of the “Baguette” bag as well as a new book.

carrie baguette Fendi Reissues Six Classic Styles of its Baguette Bag

Silvia Venturini Fendi was the one responsible for creating the bag last 1997. It was a small and rectangular bag which was designed to be carried under the arm similar to a loaf of bread. The bag has over 1,000 styles under its belt but the designer only choose six of her favorite designs to be reissued on the first of June together with Rizzoli’s Fendi Baguette.

The bag also gained public attention when Carrie from Sex and the City (Sarah Jessica Parker?, who wore the Fendi bag in one of their previous episodes. Sarah Jessica Parker shared her sentiment about it, stating ““Fendi was really the first important design house to loan us items, with the Baguette handbag being the first. Having the Fendi Baguette was a very big deal, and the gateway to everything else. It really opened the floodgates and influenced the storyline – especially Carrie’s habit of spending more money on fashion than her home.”

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