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Technology has always been a contributor to innovation in fashion. Recently, Brazilian retailer C & A created a marketing system called FashionLike that allows shoppers to “Like” an item displayed at the store without actually going online on Facebook.


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The clothes are hanged on wooden racks embedded with digital counters that automatically track the number of “Likes” from potential buyers. This is helpful for customers who would like to always be in line with the current fashion trend and it also allows sharing of information as most stores do not allow shoppers to take photos of their merchandise.


CA FashionLike Innovation


Since it is at its initial stages, the system has to overcome certain challenges like making sure that each item is actually on the correct hanger and more importantly if facebook users actually follow fashion advice based on this system.  It is an interesting concept once C & A polishes FashionLike’s shortcomings since it would help designers better understand their customers and create clothing that the public would actually wear.


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