Rose Studio Haute Couture

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Gou Pie’s Rose Studio is one of the leading couturier in China and unlike its Western counterparts, it does not rely on hype and trends to draw inspiration or launch a collection.

g1 Rose Studio Haute Couture The Designer with her Golden Dress showcased at a charity event.

The woman behind the studio, Gou Pie, is on a league of her own. Her working studio is not situated at the very posh upscale districts in Beijing but on an almost secluded industrial neighborhood.  She rarely does runway shows and keeps a very select high profile clientele. With her innovative designs, Gou Pie’s masterful pieces finds its way to the backs of China’s A-listers, and some even make their debut in the movies. Below are some of Gou Pie’s Rose Studio creations:

g11 Rose Studio Haute Coutureg3 Rose Studio Haute Coutureg5 Rose Studio Haute Coutureg91 Rose Studio Haute Coutureg6 Rose Studio Haute Couture

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