Revisiting 1940 Vintage Fashion

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Fashion has its way of telling history and history has its ways of influencing fashion. During the wartime years in 1940′s, when fabric was scarce and expensive, having glamorous gowns was considered an extravagance. Below is a video the shows the evolution of fashion during that decade:

The supply of fabric was being rationed and this prompted women to be creative in reinventing their current wardrobe. They resorted to recycling and started designing clothes differently to economize the us of fabric. The result of this austerity measure was shorter skirts, close fitting garments, mixed fabrics, narrow waists and horizontal seams.
1940s+day+dress+ +war+years Revisiting 1940 Vintage Fashion

A few years after the war, women had the chance to splurge again on clothes. Half to full circle skirts, lace, layers made a comeback and fashion houses like Dior started making haute couture and very feminine dresses.

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