Pretty Things Come in Birchbox Packages

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Birchbox is an innovative subscription service that provides an alternative marketing platform for high-end beauty brands. The company was launched by Hayla Barna and Katia Beauchamp back in September 2010 and from an initial 660 members, Birchbox grew to fifty employees who take care of at least 100,000 customers.

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Their rapid success has caught the attention of both major and upcoming makeup and skin care brands and Birchbox’s growing list of partners proves that their marketing works. Handing out free samples is not at all new in the beauty business. What Birchbox has done differently is that it provided context for each sample they feature. It also provides a convenient alternative to shopping. After signingup at, members receive at least five trial-size samples of high-end products in the mail for only $ 10 a month. If customers like the samples, they have the option to purchase the full-size products directly from the Birchbox website.

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