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Gisele Ganne Jewellry Gisele Ganne Jewelry

Gisele Ganne.

Death and divorce are events that most people usually steer clear away from. Mortality is sometimes considered dark and macabre and divorce is not exactly a joyous event. However, jewelry Gisele Ganne is fascinated with both and is even making a name for herself around these dark themes. Inspired by the Victorian tradition of wearing commemorative jewelry to mark the death of a loved one, Gisele creates noose necklaces, miniature soldiers, dead birds and doves to symbolize loss and remembrance. Her divorce rings are knuckle dusters adorned with birds’ skulls and dying roses. Her inspiration for the design came from an old French tradition where a bride is given doves and flowers to bring luck to her married life. It seems like her rings tell the poetic ending for the unions that did not last.

Giselle Ganne Jewellry Gisele Ganne Jewelry

The mourning.

Gisele Ganne Jewellry2 Gisele Ganne Jewelry

The divorce ring.

One of Gisele’s challenges are people who tend to wear her jewelry out of context, like in the case of a client who bought a divorce ring as a present to a fiancée. Gisele understands her work is beautiful however she still prefers for her buyers look past the aesthetics and use the jewelry to mark meaningful events in their lives. Gisele currently sells her work in Hong Kong and London and she is hoping to branch out and start experimenting with more materials

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