Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

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givenchy panther sunglasses Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

Riccardo Tisci has designed something marvelous for Givenchy: These Givenchy Panther Sunglasses. It may not be something that you would necessarily wear on a fashionable walk in town, it will be something to wear if you are bent on getting so much attention.

The panther detail replaces the Givenchy logo but in this case, you don’t need a name to tell you that this one is done for Givenchy. There is nothing more unique than a carved animal on the side of your accessory. They only cost about $650 so owning a pair or two would be manageable for any serious fashionista.

givenchy panther sunglasses 2 Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

givenchy panther sunglasses 3 Givenchy Panther Sunglasses

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