Couturelab Studded Handbag

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couturelab studded handbag 2 Couturelab Studded Handbag

If you are tired of studs, this post will not be relevant to you so best to move along. But if you just can’t get enough of those circular accessories, then the Couturelab Studded Handbag should be on top of your list of to-buy this season.

This Italian-made bag is roughly about $2,258. Yes, that’s quite on the high-end side for a small bag but it’s such a luxurious bag, handmade and made of the finest Italian leather.

couturelab studded handbag Couturelab Studded Handbag

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One Response to Couturelab Studded Handbag

  1. Valerie Williams says:

    Well I can’t afford this bag but I do love, love, love it

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