Angelina Jolie So-Called Makeup Free Louis Vuitton Ad

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The video for the Core Values campaign starring Angelina Jolie in the So-Called Makeup Free Louis Vuitton Ad has just been released and it is raising a lot of eyebrows, a lot more than expected.

Jezebel, a Gawker media blog, is one of those websites that have expressed strong opinions about the video, shown above. It adds: “….but now that we’ve studied the associated video carefully — by which we mean that we watched it, and that we have eyes — we are left in no doubt. No doubt whatsoever. They simply do not shoot major international campaigns for luxury brands without professionally applied hair and makeup. This leaves us with only two questions: one, why … did Louis Vuitton tell such a dumb-ass lie about something any customer with half-decent eyesight would be able to disprove?”

Such angry words coming from a women’s website.

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