$20,000 Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Bag

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20000 louis vuitton les extraordinaires bag  $20,000 Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Bag

In 2005, Louis Vuitton featured a bag that was dubbed as the unicorn of bags in its rareness. Though it’s not really something that every fashionista would dream of or want to have, it is still notable that this is what the very rare $20,000 Louis Vuitton Les Extraordinaires Bag looks like.

Marc Jacobs designed the aforementioned bag and it is now available for anyone with that much to spare on this small purse. It’s more like a collector’s edition bag than a bag that you would opt to use for every day affairs. According to Malleries, “These exceptional pieces illustrate an extreme refinement: alligator, lizard, stingray, sequined embroideries, cotton crepe, crystal strass, etc.” It must mean that whatever makes this bag expensive are those above mentioned materials.

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