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jimmy choo icons collection Jimmy Choo Icons Collection

A compilation of a musical artist’s best songs is called A Greatest Hits Collection; If you are going to equate that to fashion, you shall have something similar to this of Jimmy Choo’s. The Jimmy Choo Icons Collection is a collection of all the great pieces from the famed shoemaker.

Of course, Jimmy Choo not only makes beautiful and elegant shoes but certainly this is what Jimmy Choo is famous for.

The two shoes featured above are both in that coveted collection. The Jimmy Choo Feather Platform (left) is what Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw lost while running to the Staten Island Ferry in an episode of the said show. The one on the right is the Jimmy Choo Fleur Sandal. This is the shoe that Tamara Mellon when she received her Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II in 2010.

What’s good about the pieces in this collection is that Tamara Mellon is said to be donating 10% of the line’s net sales to the Jimmy Choo Foundation, which supports several UK-based women’s charities. The prices of the pieces are said to ring up to the four figures so that would be a joy for these charities involved.

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