Henri Matisse x Zika Ascher Most Expensive Scarf

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henri matisse x zika ascher most expensive scarf Henri Matisse x Zika Ascher Most Expensive Scarf

How much are you willing to pay for a scarf? If you are familiar with Rebecca Bloomwood, chances are that you do know this Confessions of a Shopaholic heroine, then you probably understand that scarves are oh so important to make or break an outfit. Speaking of scarves, this Henri Matisse x Zika Ascher is considered to be the Most Expensive Scarf. This scarf called the Oceanie is designed by French artist Henri Matisse who collaborated with Zika Ascher.

What makes this orange scarf so expensive anyway? There were only 30 pieces of these beautiful Ascher studio scarves made ever. The pieces were designed so many years ago but they are still in very good condition. That’s vintage for you! If you are still wondering about the price tag of this accessory, it’s auctioned for $4.8million at Christie’s London just recently.

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