Dior Resort 2012 Shoes

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dior resort 2012 shoes Dior Resort 2012 Shoes

Dior recently released its Dior Resort 2012 Collection. You have had a glimpse of the Dior Handbag line from the said collection, now have a sample taset of the line up for Dior Resort 2012 Shoes.

These shoes are certainly different from what you would expect from the high-brow fashion house but that does not mean that they are not fabulous, in fact they are. Perhaps the whole line consists of more heeled selections that these preview of flats.

Flats are a good thing for this resort season as most fashion forward females would opt for more comfortable footwear to parade around their respective vacations come next year.

dior resort 2012 shoes 2 Dior Resort 2012 Shoes

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2 Responses to Dior Resort 2012 Shoes

  1. BJ says:

    YAWN…….I saw these clunkers at Aldo last week for a fraction of the cost. Poor Dior.

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