Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker Bags

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rebecca minkoff studded rocker bags Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker Bags

Studs are an easy way to spice out any drab outfit. Whether you are wearing a black raincoat fit for the upcoming rainy days or a plain white shirt to help absorb the heat, studded anything help bring out the style and substance of any simple outfit.

Enter these Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker Bags. These are Rebecca Minkoff bags that demand the attention in each stud. It is the easiest way to add bling to make one easily look like a million dollars. There are three colors to these rocker bags. The black one is the choice for the most basic rockers but these turquoise and white versions are undeniably elegant.

Though these bags are pretty small for every day affairs, they are pretty inexpensive that buying all three colors (black, white, turquoise) would be easy on the pocket anyway. Get one as a gift or get three for yourself at $295.

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