Vertu Constellation Quest in Pink for Valentine’s Day

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vertu constellation quest in pink for valentine’s day Vertu Constellation Quest in Pink for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day coming, expect many companies to come out with their own collection to be marketed as a Valentine’s offering. What makes Vertu Constellation Quest stand out is the color it chose to market as its Valentine’s day offering: pink.

The pink Vertu Quest is tailored to each individual’s taste. How is that for high fashion? A single engineer builds each handset for each person’s requirements, making it a perfect gift for the fashion forward and the technologically advanced woman. What comes standard with the Vertu handset are the QWERTY keyboard, leatherback, steel polished, crystal sapphire keys and also Vertu concierge service with free navigation and Assisted GPS.

Pink is such a strong color for a Valentine’s day offering. There is the Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Graffiti Gift Set and the Victoria’s Secret Pink All My Heart and of course it there are other gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

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