Reed Krakoff Boar-Hair Ankle-Cuff Sandals

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reed krakoff boar hair ankle cuff sandals Reed Krakoff Boar Hair Ankle Cuff Sandals

Fur is not something you normally see in shoes. After all, fur is a delicate material and to be able to incorporate that in shoes is something very difficult to pull off.

That’s why these Reed Krakoff Boar-Hair Ankle-Cuff Sandals are kind of a big deal because it is definitely one of those times that fur in shoes is pulled off. Especially with sandals, fur is hardly ever used. Though you have to admit that this is something that you would hardly wear everyday. Perhaps this would get stuck in the shoe closet for those oh so special occasions.

The other thing worth mentioning about this product, aside from the furry ankle cuffs, is the python-covered toe loops. Really, you have to have a lot of fashion guts to be able to pull off this one.

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