Prada Fall 2011

  • pinit preview none Prada Fall 2011

prada fall 2011 Prada Fall 2011

How could you believe that the devil wears Prada when everything about this Prada Fall 2011 spells fashion heaven?

Aviator style caps are also in for Prada’s Fall 2011. So are python prints and checkered coats. Basically, Prada sticks to a good sense of classic feminine style for the upcoming colder season. We also see some fancy clutches from Prada that are not seen in any other designer yet.

prada fall 2011 2 Prada Fall 2011

prada fall 2011 3 Prada Fall 2011

prada fall 2011 4 Prada Fall 2011

prada fall 2011 5 Prada Fall 2011

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