Blue Sapphire Ring for Sale at $125,000

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blue sapphire ring for sale at 125000 Blue Sapphire Ring for Sale at $125,000

Considered to be “The Stone of Stones” this very elegant Blue Sapphire Ring is finally up for sale at $125,000. For that amount of money, the crystal is supposed to give its user peace of mind, tranquility and happiness.

The reason for its hefty price is that it comes from a rare stone—a very rare Kashimir, a special India-based stone. The stone weighs about 3.23carats and it comes with a certificate from the Gubelin Gem Lab stating the origin is “Kashmir with no evidence of heat treatment.”

This jewelry would be the epitome of all jewelry. Can you imagine yourself wearing something as grand as this?

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  1. george says:

    is that ring really worth 125k and as rare as you say it is…does it even exist

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