Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail

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marc jacobs splash cocktail Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail

Another day, another perfume to lust over—Introducing Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail. The new collection is set to be released in March. It is said that the inspiration for this new perfume comes from tropical fruit summer cocktails. It comes in three scents: Curacao, Ginger and Cranberry.

Yann Vasnier developed Curacao with a fruity chypre with citrus, blood orange, violet, apricot, pear, white moss and musk. Ginger, by the same creator, has a spicy fragrance with ginger, coriander, cognac, geranium, passion flower, rhubarb, musk and sandalwood. And Cranberry by perfumer Richard Herpin is a fruity floral with cranberry, orange, honeysuckle, red currant, musk and exotic woods.

Marc Jacobs will make his fragrances available very soon, so watch out for them right after Valentine’s day.

marc jacobs splash cocktail 2 Marc Jacobs Splash Cocktail

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