Franck Muller Luxury iPhone 4 Case

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franck muller luxury iphone 4 case Franck Muller Luxury iPhone 4 Case

Franck Muller is better known to the industry as a luxury watch maker. However, this right here is proof that he has design fueling in his body with this Luxury iPhone 4 Case.

Yes, it might be a bit pricey–pricier than an iPhone 4 itself, but he assures you that like his watches, he has nothing to deliver to you but luxury. Each of the six designs that customers can choose from will only have a limited production of 500 pieces. How is that for exclusive?

They’re available in April still, so better start saving up for one.

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One Response to Franck Muller Luxury iPhone 4 Case

  1. alukado says:

    I highly doubt anyone would buy it actually, the price is so high. Check, this site , they have a similar case just for $94 .

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