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tron style l e d heels Tron’ Style Shoes & More

With the re-release of the 1982 film “Tron”, fashion designers are offering shoes, and a suit both influenced by the film.

Jerome Rousseau has officially collaborated with Disney for a limited run of his Tron inspired shoes and suit. The heels are called Quorra (meaning heart) and come in gold or pewter. The suit features a futuristic feel with zippers and reflective stripes.

A special TRON pop-up shop will setup in L.A. where you can purchase the Quorra heels for $795. In February 2011, select retailers will carry the heels.

Edmundo Castillo’s heels are another pair that take after TRON, while using the same electroluminescent materials via L.E.D.

In order to purchase Edmundo Castillo’s Tron shoes, you will have to wait till February 1st 2011. Saks Fifth Avenue will carry the heels for $1,650.

tron style l e d heels 2 Tron’ Style Shoes & More

tron style suit Tron’ Style Shoes & More

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