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teva stilettos Teva Stilettos

Teva and Grey Antis is to blame for a horrific creation just introduced, the Teva Stilettos. You heard correctly, the Teva Hurricane sandal is now available on heels—please don’t shoot the messenger!

Outdoor footwear giant Teva has teamed with Grey Antis, a NY-based clothing brand in a collaboration the two are labeling the most comfortable, performance high heel on the planet.

Like the sandal, the Teva Stilettos secure with Velcro straps. Two colorways are offered, black and tan. And if that’s not enough color, do as the ads solicit and wear socks.

Limited in quantity, the Teva Stilettos shoes will run $330.

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teva stilettos 3 Teva Stilettos

teva stilettos 4 Teva Stilettos

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3 Responses to Teva Stilettos

  1. Tali says:

    Oh, I actually like the black pair! Well, both actually))
    But the price?

  2. JC says:

    Grey Antis? You mean, Grey Ant?

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