UGG Classic Sparkle Boots

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ugg classic sparkle boots UGG Classic Sparkle Boots

Always a necessity when the colder weather hits are a trendy pair of UGGs. This year Oprah is recognizing UGG Classic Sparkle Boots as the must-have in her Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things 2010 list, viewable on her site.

Wish we could say Oprah’s UGG selection came with open arms, but the overworked ‘sparkle’ turned UGG’s Classic Boot into something better used for space travel.

Yeah, it might not be wise to go against Oprah’s endorsements, but the UGG Classic Sparkle Boots just don’t cutting it.

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5 Responses to UGG Classic Sparkle Boots

  1. michelle says:

    Well then Im ready for take off. That is just your opinion which are like A-holes everyone has one:)
    I think they are fun! Uggs are super comfortable and keep your feet warm. You live in NYC after the 4th snow storm then tell me again how these don’t work. In a sea of boring hunter boots and plain uggs these are actually interesting. love em or hate em you are going to do a double take. I see girs in sparkle ballerina flats, Louboutin has tons of shoes with glitter and sparkle, Steve Madden just had a ton of sprakling shoes. This is nothing new. I think people who hate them dont have the balls to wear them. If you like being faceless and blending into a sea of people dont buy these. If you like people looking at you and you have a NYC eff you attitude rock em.

    I ordered the black and gold pair.

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  3. Kiayra says:

    These Uggs i have they are cute….lol

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